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Cambridgeshire & West Suffolk Driving Club

Call our Membership Secretary, Linda

Godwin on :  07788 415426 or email her



programme 2020

All drives move off at 11am unless otherwise indicated.  A briefing for each drive will commence 30 minutes beforehand.  If you have any questions please contact the organiser listed on your event programme card.


DATE                      EVENT                                                                                                                                  

21st March            Spring Lunch. CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS                                                                  


5th April                 Training Day at Worlington  CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


26th April               Kings Forest Drive    CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS                                                                                                            


10th May               Boxworth Drive     CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


31st  May               Sandringham Sponsored Ride / Drive  CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


6th June                 West Rudham club week CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


21st  June              Elveden Drive    CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS  


28th June               Swaffham Prior Drive  CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


11th July                 Whitehall Farm Weekend AVAILABLE - BUT MAKE YOUR OWN RESERVATION


25th July                 North Lopham Weekend  CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


9th August             Wimpole Drive  CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


23rd August          Coney Weston Drive  CANCELLED DUE TO CORONAVIRUS


29-30th                  Concours International Attelage de Tradition -              

August                    Euston Park - Helpers required please.  


5th Sept                 East Walton club week    


20th  Sept              Elveden Drive    


4th October          Sandringham sponsored ride and drive


18th October        Soigne Wood / West Acre Drive


25th October        Wyken Vineyards Drive


14th Nov               AGM - Freckenham Village Hall  (£5 attendee food contribution)

                              11.00am for 11.30am



Drive / Event Organisers

Drive Risk Assessment Notes for Drive Organisers

If you are organising a drive or event please refer to the information below by clicking on the links.  Thank you.

Recommended Spares Kit

Call our Membership Secretary, Linda, on 07788 415426 or email her at