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Cambridgeshire & West Suffolk Driving Club

Call our Membership Secretary, Linda

Godwin on :  07774 802591 or email her

at [email protected]



The Cambridgeshire and West Suffolk Driving Club is an active, friendly carriage driving club.


The Club's annual programme is focused on social driving.  Low-key club level competitions (cones, dressage and a treasure hunt) are also included during some of the week end events together with a training day at the start of the year.  The venues for most club events are throughout Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.  


Club members drive a variety of turnouts - from shetland ponies to large horses.  Modern vehicles are more commonly used for club driving and the focus is on enjoying carriage driving informally.



Click on the link below to read a copy of our Constitution.



Our Commitee


President: Shirley Reeder

Vice President: Maureen Willcox

Chairman & Treasurer: Bob Hall

Membership Secretary: Linda Godwin

Committee Members: Hilary Fielding, Pat Aisthorpe, Richard Aisthorpe

CWSDC Constitution

Call our Membership Secretary, Linda, on 07788 415426 or email her at [email protected]